We are a full stack software engineering services company specializing in rapid development of mobile, web, SaaS and enterprise applications.

We work with technology start ups and enterprise companies seeking access to innovation.

If you can dream it, we can code it.


The backbone to densitylabs is a shared passion of coding and commitment to building personal and trusting relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves on open communication, connecting deeply, the love of coding, and passion for life.

Executive Team


CO-Founder & CFO

I'm a professional business manager, I have 9 years of experience work with international companies, and 5 years in IT.
Since 4 years ago I'm an entrepreneur, I am focused on growing the company with healthy finances.


Founder & CEO

I work with Ruby on Rails since 2006 and Javascript since 2001, also I worked with php, node.js and .NET. But my heart is in Ruby.
I worked on multiple projects for different clients most of them closed source.


Co-Founder & President/COO

I've been working for the past 28 year with disruptive technologies, developing markets and growth strategies. I bring $3BB+ in sales and $400MM in exists worth of experience helping companies find their voice in the market while aligning people and processes around clients success.



Talent Management

I’m a senior HR professional with experience in non-Tech industries. Within a Tech company, my main focus is to build the most talented & expert developer’s team, capable to happily impact our customers by delivering stunning web solutions and mobile applications.


Software Engineer

I'm a passionate Software Developer. In my four years of experience I have worked on different projects. I'm proactive and focus on delivering results with quality on time. Being efficient is one of my top priorities. Continue learning and improving more everyday is another one.


Software Engineer

I’m a consolidated software professional who loves and enjoy her job while facing tech and data challenges, although continuous learning and development are basics in my professional life. My master in Data Scientist combined with my solid experience in applications and integration, are my main contributions to achieve our company growing goals.


Software Engineer

Software engineer with 4 years of industry experience. My experience includes technologies like Ruby on Rail and Javascript. I have interest in designing efficient modern software, learn new technologies and tools and contribute in the open source.


Software Engineer

Past ten years I have been passionate about user-centered design to build outstanding products making remarkable experiences aligned to the business goals, taking advantages of emerging technologies and best practices to simplify complex procedures with expertise acquired in Advertising, Healthcare, and Aerospace Industries.


Software Engineer

I´m an enthusiastic Colombian software engineer with 3 years of experience developing mobile and web applications. Although I am still learning, I love to share my knowledge and experience with the team and others. My greatest passion is going beyond my best contribution ever and leave a mark of my potential wherever I go and whatever I do. Love people!

Alejandro Prado

Software Engineer

I am young, passionate developer and gamer with more than two years of experience in software development always enthusiastic of share knowledge and learn latest technologies such as Angular, Ruby on Rails and Laravel.


Software Engineer

Technology became my job and passion from my early work days. Beginning with hardware, later as enterprise software support and networking projects for a big computer brand. Now I'm dedicated to Business Process Management, Corporate Integration Projects and new technologies.

Alejandro Torres

Software Engineer

I’m a senior Software Architect and DevOps Engineer. Creating dynamic and beautiful web and mobile apps is my specialization. I have been in the field for nearly 9 years, and have been loving every minute of it. I am a blogger, entrepreneur, designer, developer, and overall thinker.