We connect top software developers in Mexico to US start-ups and enterprises seeking help in building web and mobile apps.


The backbone to densitylabs is a shared passion of coding and commitment to building personal and trusting relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves on open communication, connecting deeply, the love of coding, and passion for life.


Founder & CEO

I work with Ruby on Rails since 2006 and Javascript since 2001, also I worked with php, node.js and .NET. But my heart is in Ruby.
I worked on multiple projects for different clients most of them closed source.


CO-Funder & CFO

I'm a professional business manager, I have 9 years of experience work with international companies, and 5 years in IT.
Since 4 years ago I'm an entrepreneur, I am focused on growing the company with healthy finances.


Software Engineer

I’m a passionate Web Developer, and an experienced software engineer.
I have four years of experience in the field, and I continue learning every day. I work with RoR, JavaScript, .NET, PHP and Elixir.


Marketing & RRPP

I'm a marketing professional with skills such as problem-solving and planning. I focus on objectives, always trying to achieve the growth and success of the organization.


Branding & Marketing Advisor

Personal branding and marketing is my passion, with 10 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies. I help the team create and implement an integrated branding and marketing strategy for the organization.


Our mission is to make client dreams come true through design and coding.


Densitylabs is a network platform for US start-up and enterprises to access the top software development technologist and practitioners of web and mobile apps in Guadalajara… The Silicon Valley of Mexico.

Densitylabs sees a boundless opportunity for US start-ups and enterprises to tap into the highly skilled technical talent in Mexico. We also want to educate our clients on the advantages of NAFTA and how it provides flexibility and preserves cash flow when recruiting top talent to build innovative new app products.

Our goal is to be the “Go To” source for companies who need top software architects and coders to execute software development.

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