I implement best practices to help teams and developers achieve sustainable development aligned with business needs.

I work with Ruby on Rails since 2006 and Javascript since 2001. I worked on multiple projects for different clients most of them closed source. I am trying to change that and I’m starting to do more Open source code. I also worked with php, node.js and .NET. But my heart is in Ruby.

Personally I am

    • A husband of a gorgeous and lovely woman called Adela.
    • A father of a terrific boy that repeats everything I do and knows how to ask for more food using american sign language called Dexter.
    • A son of two engineers and brother of one artist.
    • A seasoned motorcycle traveler. I’ll drive fast anything with two wheels to anywhere.
    • An Argentinian living in Mexico.

Professionally I am:

    • A great mentor of high performance developers. I’ve been mentoring engineers since I was 16 years old and helped more than a hundred developers.
    • A Remarkable software engineer.
    • A lead engineer. I can manage a team of engineers, set goals, improve quality and increase the overall value delivered by the team. -People often call it VP of engineer or CTO.
    • Driven and perfectionist.
    • An entrepreneur.

Professionally I have:

    • Been hired by Microsoft when I was 16 years old.
    • Launched modcloth live
    • Launched multiple businesses
    • Managed a team of 26 software engineers
    • Worked on Ruby on Rails since 2006
    • Worked with Javascript since 1999.

Open source Contributions:

Movies with Neo4j

framallo/movies-with-neo4j is a rails application using neo4j.rb and neo4j graph database. I’ve been doing research about graph databases. Currently, I’m a contributor of neo4jrb. Read More

Garmin GPS

I want to save addresses on my Garmin GPS. So I created this tool to get the GPS latitude and longitude of address. Read More

Open source Contributions:

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