Tonatiuh Núñez

If you’re on this page it must be because you want to know more about me, so, let me share who am I with you.

I’m Tonatiuh Núñez, a family man, and a passionate Web Developer. When I’m not having fun with my family - which I love to - I’m spending time learning new stuff about software development, some other times I’m playing video games.

Personally I am

    • A happy father. Of my tender daughter Grecia Shantal. I enjoy spending time with her, having fun together, seeing how she is growing up learning new things every day.
    • A happy husband. Married to my beautiful wife Jessica, she’s my half orange. Together with her and my daughter we enjoy having fun time. We enjoy traveling and visiting our favorite places.
    • An honest man. I really appreciate honesty, it takes to leads to personal and business relations.
    • An environment lover. I want to leave a better place to the next generations, I put effort on contributing to the planet health and the construction of a better society.
    • A lover of the good design. it can go from graphic design, to industrial design, to interior design, and more. I like when stuff looks elegant and/or minimalist.

Professionally I am:

    • An experienced software engineer. I have four years of experience in the field, and I continue learning every day.
    • A hard worker, what matters to my customer matters to me, I commit with that.
    • A passionate software developer, I really enjoy spending time learning new stuff about software development.
    • A perfectionist, I put effort making my work comply with high-quality standards.
    • A self-taught engineer, I know self-improvement depends on me, if I can’t figure out the best learning path then I ask, I do the rest on my own, then I validate what I learnt.
    • Ambitious, of becoming one of the best Web Developers in my area, ambitious has pushed me to become the developer I’m and it continues pushing me day by day.
    • Highly disciplined, productivity requires high discipline, I follow the Pomodoro technique. I’m in a continuous pursuit of more efficient ways for doing my job.

Professionally I have:

    • Lead the software development between up to two developers and a customer.
    • Deployed a HIPPA compliant Ruby on Rails application from a prototype to production:
      • Implemented MongoDB replication to increase data reliability.
      • Implemented mutual SSL authentication with Nginx.
      • Implemented an AWS VPC architecture.
      • Implemented AWS Cloudfront to lower app’s assets latency.
      • Migrated a series of encrypted servers from zNcrypt to EBS encryption.
    • Learnt Backbone.js and implemented a social app in 2 months.
    • Learnt Angular.js and migrated a Backbone.js app to Angular.js in 1 month.
    • Implemented a JIT dashboard using yearly seasons to estimate restock dates.
    • Developed spree features for a sells app.
    • Build an Ansible playbook to deploy a production application.
    • Increased an app’s emails deliverability implementing AWS SES and Mandrill.
    • Designed and implemented user behavior metrics using MixPanel.

Open source Contributions:

Relative-numbers (Atom package)

Added compatibility to vim-mode and folding feature from atom. Read More

Terminal-plus (Atom package)

This theme is a port of the dracula theme for terminal-plus. Read More

File-type-icons (Atom package)

Sets the icon for cucumber files Read More

Open source Contributions:

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