At Density Labs, we turn our client’s mobile and web apps ideas to reality. To do this, we continuously need to make our team even stronger and bring in brilliant top senior developers and growing junior developers who are a great fit for the team.

If you have a fully-bilingual English-Spanish friend who is a…

  • Senior Developer: he/she has at least 5-years developing experience, loves to code, works well as a high-performing team leader, enjoys a collaborative work environment, shares knowledge with others, people want to be in his/her team and enjoys projects that challenges and broadens their expertise; or is a…
  • Junior Developer: he/she has less than 2-years experience developing, born to code, works well as a team member and contributes for a high performance, enjoys a collaborative work environment, eager to self-learning and learn from others, grows when getting feedback, sees challenge as a joy and people want to have him/her in their team; or is a…
  • Brilliant Web Designer: people often compliment them on their designs and the clients fully rely on his/her work that accurately represents who they are, then…


Referral Rewards:

  • Senior Developer: $500 US dollars
  • Junior Developer / Web Designer: $200 US dollars


  1. You may want to be the first referring your top friend. Follow our Social Networking or our Company Web Site (Careers) to be aware of our current career opportunities. a. If you are a Density Labs employee, you can also be updated in meetings, receive an internal communication, or visit our internal wiki site (open positions).

  2. You may refer multiple friends. You cannot refer yourself. a. Send an email to with your friend’s personal data: full name, email and mobile phone or, b. Send an email to your friend and cc or, c. Invite your friend to apply in our web site and choose you as his/her referral.

  3. Your referral must not have been previously referred or, have participated in any previous Density Labs recruitment processes or, be registered as a candidate in our talent portal.

    a. If there are multiple referrals for the same person, we will consider the e-mail/system timestamp. b. If your referral is elegible and the position remains open, he/she will be contacted within the following 3-5 working days by our recruiter. In case the position has been filled, recruiter will contact your friend within the following 6-15 days for the new roles to be opened.

  4. Your referral must fully comply with Density Labs requirements and successfully pass our recruitment process. Your referral gets a job within our team and remains in the firm at the end of 3 months with outstanding performance. Then…We show you the money!!!

    a. Internal: You will get the referral bonus in the payroll pay-day as usual.

    b. External: You will receive a previous email notification and shall provide a Bank Account for a transfer.

What are you waiting for?! It was never so easy to earn dollars and be happy!

Tell us who your top-performing friend is and we’ll show you the money!

We would love to contact your friend!

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