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GatsbyJS: Love at First Site

GatsbyJS is a powerful creator of static websites that implements innovative technologies. It's more than just a new creator of static websites, it gives the opportunity to get information from different sources through the power of GraphQL and use the data with ReactJS to build amazing websites.


Getting Started with High Level TensorFlow

TensorFlow is one of the main tools used in the industry to perform Machine Learning (ML), either using it at a low-level for graph computation, or at a high level to create models using pre-defined building-blocks. The latter is the most common approach when learning to build and train ML models.

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Jupyter Notebooks on the iPad

A very common tool to perform Data Science experiments is the live-coding Jupyter Notebooks app. A “notebook” is just a document where you can write code (or markdown), run it, and get immediately feedback about its output. Even when we cannot natively run a Jupyter environment on the iPad, we can connect to a remote server and get all the features it provides directly on our tablet thanks to an app called Juno.


Agile team can jumpstart your software development process

The basis of the agile methodology is the principle that the customer or end-user experience is always the number one priority.
The agile method encourages a focus on delivering high-quality, practical and continually functional software to the people who rely on software development professionals to provide it.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning without a super computer

Nowadays, Machine Learning is one of the most popular areas in Artificial Intelligence. Although there are a lot of resources online to learn about it, practicing it is not as easy and accessible to everyone. Some methods like Deep Learning for image classification require a lot of computational resources. Such is the case of the latest graphics cards, high amounts of RAM to load large datasets into the memory, and of course, a decent CPU. As you may suspect such requirements are quite expensive and not everyone can afford them. Fortunately, there are some free options that we can take advantage of.


Integrating Zoom in my Rails Application

All the functionality that Zoom provides is an essential part of the work done between collaborative teams, everything from daily meetings between a team to communicating with people outside of it.
Given all the features that Zoom provides, maybe you, like us, want to integrate it to your own Rails app to benefit from this amazing app. Here we are going to talk about our experience.


Render props vs State Hook

The term “render prop” refers to a technique used for sharing code between React components using a prop whose value is a function.

A component with a render prop takes a function that returns a React element and calls it instead of implementing its own render logic.

Let's create a component example that will help us to show/hide elements.

Blog Analytics R

How to better analyze Google Analytics data using R

We are currently faced with the great speed with which events occur in the digital world.
The most powerful tool to react to that endless career is knowledge.

If it is a website, to be able to effectively carry out continuous improvements, we need to know our users, their behavior, their preferences.

Building A Software Engineer Team Full

Building a dedicated software development team

Usually, people ask me about how to build an engineering team in order to build an MVP. Usually, they are looking to hire a technical co-founder.
Given a general lack of available engineers in Silicon Valley, it's now the most competitive market to hire software engineers. Startups have to keep offering perks and high salaries in order to attract the very best. So, It is natural that founders struggle to grow an engineering team.

Adding Authentication To Your React Native App

Adding authentication to your react native app

I’ve been working recently on creating mobile applications using React Native. Few days ago I had to add an authentication login form to the application I’m working on, easy peasy. When I implemented that by first time I had no idea how to do it on the React Native way. I did some research on the subject, but at the end I didn’t find what I was looking for at that time; by trial and error I was able to implement a solution.

Entering React Native

Entering React Native

Was some years ago when desktop internet usage was overtaken by mobile usage, since that time mobile usage has continued increasing. Given the amount of users using mobile devices to access the internet, it has become very important for a developer to dominate tools for developing mobile applications.

React Native is a Javascript framework (created by Facebook) for developing mobile apps for iOS and Android, it was launched in 2015 and since then it has become strongly popular.

Default 2015 05 13 A Tmux Crash Course Tips And Tweaks

A Tmux crash course tips and tweaks

If you are one of those devs who uses the terminal a lot and ends up with way too many tabs open, or practices pair programming, then this post is for you. During the last months, I’ve started using Tmux a lot. Since I’ve found it to be very useful, I thought I would write a post where I share a few recommendations and pro-tips. I’ll show you what Tmux is and how to use it in combination with Vim to make a more effective and elegant use of the Terminal.

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